If you are having one to one sessions with me I will often use wordweaving™ during the session.

I also often record a wordweave™ self hypnosis track for clients to listen to at home.

If you have not had session with me but would like a bespoke wordweave™ recording made for you, please get in touch.

What is Wordweaving™?

Wordweaving™ is a way of developing hypnotic suggestion that speaks directly to the individual client’s unconscious mind. It engages their unique values, beliefs and identity to assist them to make specific changes.

This is a highly developed technique created by Trevor Silvester of the Quest Institute in London, where I trained.

How is this different to self-hypnosis downloads?

In clinical hypnosis the therapist uses predetermined words set out in scripts to address the issue that the client has asked for help with. This is why you often see self-hypnosis downloads online that target specific issues like stopping smoking, pain relief, weight loss etc. These can be very effective in some circumstances but are not tailored to the individual’s experiences.

In Cognitive Hypnotherapy, however, we develop our own scripts based on the individual client. This allows us to tap into the client’s own model of the world and speak directly to their unconscious mind.


How is a wordweave™ hypnosis track created?

Information is gathered during the sessions (or using a tailor made questionnaire) about the thought process that causes the client’s unwanted behaviour. We call this the client’s Matrix Model of the world. We identify key moments when the problem occurs, what the client does in response and the client’s capabilities, beliefs and values that create the potential to shift out of these. The language the client uses to describe their problem and the solution they want contains further clues to the way the client’s mind interprets the world around them (we call this Trance Phenomena).

Understanding the client’s Matrix Model of the world and the Trance Phenomena they use to describe it, means we can construct a personalised hypnosis track that speaks directly to the individual client’s unconscious mind. We call this way of constructing a hypnosis script for our clients ‘wordweaving’™.

How do I use a wordweave™ recording?

The wordweave™ recording (Mp3) usually lasts about 10-15 minutes and can be listened to at home by the client on a daily basis. It contains hypnotic suggestions that help to replace old patterns with new ones. Because it uses the client’s own language, and taps into their unconscious level values, behaviours, capabilities, identity and beliefs, this is a very powerful tool for helping a client to achieve the changes they desire.

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